Relaxation Therapy

Many clients come to Positive Change expressing a desire to learn to relax. They are experiencing difficulties sleeping, eating and functioning on a daily basis. To overcome anxiety, phobias, or panic attacks it is important to learn how to relax. It is impossible to feel relaxed and tense at the same time! People who live with high levels of anxiety often do not know how to relax and release the tension stored in their muscles that is contributing to the experience of anxiety.

I can help you to improve your general sense of wellbeing by guiding you through relaxation techniques such as breathing, meditation and mindfulness exercises.  There are many benefits of relaxation for example you will notice a difference in energy levels, increased self confidence and  less self blame, reduction in headaches and migraines, improved sleep etc.

If you feel that relaxation therapy could benefit you then please contact me on 07735 609209 or email to discuss your needs further.