Single Session Counselling


Why should I choose single session counselling rather than ongoing counselling?

Sometimes people need some professional help to put things into perspective. A longer, single session can give you the time and space to talk about worries and fears and any action you might decide to make.

As a counsellor who is experienced in working with family therapy, separation issues, domestic violence, work placed stress and bereavement I can offer you a confidential sounding board to help you at stressful times, including coping with separation, living apart from children, re-framing relationships, abuse and spiritual counselling.

How long does a single counselling session last?
Single session counselling lasts for 90 minutes compared to the standard counselling session of 60 minutes.

What if I change my mind and decide I want regular, shorter counselling?
Some people find that they would like a further or ongoing sessions after single session counselling. This is possible and we can discuss whether a limited number of additional sessions or open ended counselling is best for you.

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