Relate calls for ‘male friendly’ counselling

In a recent report published by the Men’s Health Forum  and Relate, recommendations have been made to stating that relationship counselling services should be more ‘male friendly’.

‘Try to See It My Way’ is the name of the report which states men have different expectations of counselling; they go to counselling to solve problems, while women see it as a chance to talk about difficulties and review what’s happening in the relationship. Research shows that men are at greater risk of suicide in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown and are less likely to have a network of friends to support them. They also tend to make less use of counselling and psychotherapy services and according to the NHS’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Unit male referrals make up just 36 per cent, although this is slightly higher for Relate at 44 per cent.

The report says policymakers and service providers across health, education and social care need to deliver services in a more ‘male-friendly’ way and that personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) should include sex and relationships education and should be offered to all young people as a statutory requirement. ”

Positive Change provides counselling, in a safe and relaxed environment, for males who have been subjected to domestic violence and abuse and specialise in working with men diagnosed with Aspergers.

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