Weight Loss Counselling for a New You

weightloss2I will be helping the majority of my clients at this time of year to focus on weight loss and to address their relationship with food. If this is an area in your life that needs attention then why not consider a counselling package which incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy to tackle negative self beliefs and destructive behaviours.

Together we will discover what your weight means to you. Using simple empowering techniques you will be able to imagine yourself being slimmer and we will put a healthy plan together to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We will discuss the role food played in your family– what messages did you get from your parents about eating or not eating? What are your underlying emotional issues?

As a result, you will learn to start listening to your body, to recognise your emotional needs and find other ways of dealing with them, rather than overeating. You will learn techniques which help you to untangle your internal conflicts and find out what you really need.

Instead of fighting your body, you will begin to live in harmony with it, and to enjoy your new found energy and drive. So why not make 2015 your year?


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