Email Counselling

referral-pageSo what exactly is Email counselling and is it for me?

Email counselling means that you and your counsellor are not in the same room having a face to face session.  You will communicate via email at your own convenience. This method of counselling is not designed to replace traditional counselling, it is a complimentary service with several different benefits.  One benefit is being able to choose the  time of your session and you can be anywhere in the world or in the comfort of your own home.  This method of counselling is often chosen by those who suffer from anxiety or are unable to leave their home or it is too far to travel.

For some clients communicating by email is a stepping stone towards planning face to face sessions. For others email allows for a certain degree of anonymity which can let clients express themselves more freely without the worry of developing trust.

For some clients with complex difficulties email counselling might not best suit your needs. If you have a history of mental health problems  or you are considering harming yourself or are suicidal it would be more appropriate to have face to face professional support.

If you have chosen email counselling we will arrange a suitable time for both of us.  At the scheduled time I read and reply to your email, this time is your email session, however you can reply whenever is best for you, it could be during our scheduled time or at a later date.


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