Counselling for Aspergers

counselling-aspergers2Asperger’s Syndrome is a form of autism, people with this condition have difficulties in three main areas:

  • social interaction
  • social communication
  • social imagination

This makes it difficult for those with Asperger’s to communicate and interact with others, leading to anxiety, confusion and frustration for them and their loved ones.  Holding a job may be difficult for some because so many jobs require at least some element of people skills. It has been found that cognitive behavioural therapy is useful when it comes to counselling those with Asperger’s. This approach tries to change the way the individual thinks about themselves and other people, and how thoughts and feelings alter mood. Asperger’s in children is very often overlooked and often put down to behavioural problems such as ADHD.

I counsel many children with Aspergers who are often picked on or seen as annoying or weird. Very often there hasn’t been a diagnosis and parents or teachers have not recognised there is a problem. This will only make your child feel frustrated and isolated leading to behavioural difficulties in school or at home.

When you bring your child for the initial session I will spend time assessing their social interaction, communication skills, difficulties they are experiencing at school, speech development, sensitivity and any unusual preoccupations and attitudes towards change and interest in interactive play/friendships.

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